Crepe pioneer targets youth with roadshow, new flavors

Jakarta | Fri, November 11, 2016 | 10:27 am

Customers line up in front of a D’Crepes stall. To celebrating its 20th anniversary, the pioneer of crepes in Indonesia is holding a roadshow until Nov. 11. (JP/Ni Nyoman Wira)


Those who enjoy crepes can consider trying a new dish from the pioneer of the light meal in Indonesia, D’Crepes, slated to become available in December.

“The crepe will have a combination of pandan and red velvet,” D'Crepes spokesperson Lintang told The Jakarta Post on Thursday, adding that the new dish would evoke the atmosphere of Christmas with surprise fillings inside. The eatery previously launched new crepe varieties such as red velvet, peanut butter and chocolate chip.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, D’Crepes is holding a roadshow to 12 universities in Jakarta, Bogor and Depok, which will end on Friday at Atma Jaya Catholic University. During the campaign, it is offering promotions for customers’ favorite sweet and savory crepe flavors, such as cookies and cream, SilverQueen, banana choco cheese, choco cheese, beef black pepper, smoked beef and cheese, as well as BBQ chicken.

A D’Crepes worker prepares a crepe for a customer.(JP/Ni Nyoman Wira)


Ivana, an economics student at Atma Jaya, said she enjoyed the delicious taste and affordable prices from the crepe pioneer. “I usually buy cookies and cream for a snack,” she said. “Hopefully they will hold events like this more often.”

“[The roadshow] is part of our appreciation for our main target market, especially teenagers and college students who probably never purchase our products,” D’Crepes marketing manager Sari Gumulya said recently.

Established in 1996, D’Crepes opened its first store in a shopping mall in South Jakarta. It currently has 66 outlets in major cities across the country and has created a new trend of "fun and dynamic" food. Aside from the sweet and savory crepes, the brand also offers ice cream. (kes)

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