Terms Of Use


You have to be minimum 18 or have parental supervision to access this website. The contents available for this website is solely for information. The particular service and related features available in this website may require registration or membership. If you chose to register for any service or feature, then you agreed to give accurate and updated information about you, and to update the information if there is a change. Every user of this website will be responsible to keep their password and identity of their accounts private. The user will be fully responsible for every activity related to password or account. Besides that, you have to tell us if there is something inappropriate about your password or account. Dcrepes is not responsible or under any obligation to directly or indirectly, on any loss or harm or caused by, or related by, your failure to comply this part.  


2.1 Secrecy

Dcrepes will keep the secrecy of their customers. Therefore, Dcrepes is responsible for obtainable information about customer privacy and will cover your privacy any time. This policy is enforced as a form of commitment to keep your privacy. We have the right to make changes on this policy any moment and will inform the website users by doing information update in the website. This policy is applied for every user / customer www.dcrepes.com, without exception.

2.2 Gathering Information

The data / information given from the customers will be kept secret and will not be given to other instance / companies. The information gathered is taken accordingly from the customers', which will help us in providing new product information demanded or required for the customer.

2.3 Advantage

We used customer data information for processing and customer confirmation. Every time there will be a chance on price and stock change. Every time something is needed from the law, we will give information about customer towards the government or third party or other related formal institutions. Furthermore, we will use or give the customer information as it is permitted by law to protect rights or possession of www.dcrepes.com, our customer, our website, or the users. The data informed is only partly or wholly on contracted or authorized by the company. To improve our service to customers, we will expand and upgrade our service to meet our customers' needs.


3.1 The Property of Website

We are the sole proprietor of this website and the contents consist of intellectual rights protected from copyright law and other intellectual right laws in the world. All intellectual rights and properties on website and its contents are still held by Dcrepes and its affiliations. All rights not included in this agreement or us is protected by law.

3.2 The Use of Website www.dcrepes.com, name, icons, and logo are registered brands on some law regions and protected by law about copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, change, or put any of available brands used from this website.


Whatever you send on website and / or give to us, not limited to, questions, reviews, comments, and critics (collectively, “Submissions”) will be solely and exclusively ours and will not be returned to you. Apart from the applied rights for any “Submission”, when you posted comments or reviews on the website, you will give us the right to use your sent name, related to observation, comments, or other contents. You will not be using fake e-mails, imposing as other people or mislead us or third party regarding the origin of every “Submission.” We may or may not, delete or change every “Submission.”


If in certain circumstances, there is a mistake on the price or information related to certain products caused by typing mistake (Typo), or the price mistake from the suppliers, Dcrepes has the rights to refuse or cancelling the order using the wrong price.


Dcrepes will always give the description as accurate as possible. But we will not guarantee 100% that all description or content in the website is accurate, complete, updated, or error free. Product availability, stock, and prices may differ from store to store. Products and prices displayed on our website may differ from those in our stores, or have variances and combinations that may not be available in our stores, and are subject to change without notice. Please contact our customer service or your nearest store for more information.


On our policy, we can revise the terms and conditions of this website every time, by changing this page without further notice. You are expected to check this page from time to time to notice every change we made, because it binds you. Part of the terms & conditions from this website can be changed with the provisions or announcements published on other parts of our website.


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